Project description

Design a corporate climate and resilience strategy to facilitate and drive the implementation of green financial products. The core focus is to support the creation of policies, processes, procedures and tools. The analysis will be based on an analysis of climate change risks and opportunities for the bank. An analysis of the current status of BANBIF in terms of the risks and opportunities that climate change represents for the institution is proposed. This analysis will make it possible to i) recognize the magnitude that climate risk represents for the institution, ii) identify the Bank’s contribution to this global problem, iii) generate the bases to take advantage of the opportunity to finance a sustainable and resilient future to the impacts of climate change and iv) provoke motivations for action. The study also includes the adaptation and/or implementation of a climate and resilience taxonomy for the Bank fully aligned with international standards, an analysis of the climate and resilience portfolio to identify segments and technologies where to obtain more impact on climate and resilience, as well as the development of training workshops.

Project details