Project description

The overall objective of this project was to assess the current state of the circular economy in the Republic of Chile, Brazil, Mexico and Uruguay, with the aim of developing a roadmap towards economic circularity for each of the countries. This project was evaluated and developed at the general and sectoral level in each country, taking into account their particular needs.

The analysis of the study, conducted by the Global Factor team, led to the identification of key actors, stakeholders, private and public initiatives, geographic areas, as well as opportunities and barriers for the implementation of a circular economy in each of the selected countries.

The project approach focused on the climate benefits from a circular economy model, and identified the advantages that circularity would bring for the implementation of the Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) and the achievement of the Paris Agreement targets.

Project details

  • Status: Finalized

  • Solution: Circular Economy

  • Dates: 06/2019–06/2020

  • Location: Chile
    Brasil Mexico