Project description

Regarding this project, Global Factor has a doble objective of supporting the transversal incorporation of climate change adaptation into the sustainable urban development strategy of Cienfuegos; and in the preparation of an investment project that could be co-financed by the AFD; as well as, the strengthening of capacities at the provincial level and key actors in the area of climate change, in coordination with CITMA.

More specifically, Global Factor will participate in the preparation of a disaster risk and climate change vulnerability assessment for the city of Cienfuegos, and in the design of an operational vision that will include concrete climate change adaptation measures to initiate a process of defining a territorial adaptation plan, will support the province and the municipality of Cienfuegos with a parallel feasibility study and design of a single and coherent investment project, an environmental and social impact study, a gender action plan and a management plan for environmental and social measures, and capacity building for stakeholders.

Project details

  • Status: Current

  • Solution: Sustainability
  • Cliente: AFD (Agence Française de Développement)

  • Dates: 2020 –

  • Location: Cuba