Project description

Banco Santander collaborated with Global Factor to develop a methodology for calculating the carbon footprint of its customers. The main objective was to develop a tool for calculating the carbon footprint of companies, as a way of reporting their primary data in order to calculate their carbon footprint, thus creating the GoCO2Neutral tool.

In addition, strategic support was requested in offsetting the emissions of customers who were offered a service to calculate their footprint. In reference to this, Global Factor developed a portfolio of offsetting projects with which to collaborate to counteract the emission of the carbon footprint, and a system for the management of these offsets.

As a final part of the project, an analysis of the system implemented during the first year of service was carried out to identify opportunities for improvement.

Project details

  • Status: Finalized

  • Solution: Footprint

  • Dates: 01/2020 – 07/2020

  • Location: Spain