Project description

The project includes different activities aimed at strengthening national capacities for climate management in Panama. These activities include the development of the National Climate Change Strategy 2020-2050, focused on adaptation and mitigation of climate change in the Republic of Panama.

In addition, work is underway to develop a Country Program for the Green Climate Fund (GCF), as well as to develop an online platform for advancing the project application process, including training on its use. Based on the project ideas identified, four concept notes for the GCF have been structured, including their pre-feasibility studies.

Finally, for the involvement of the private sector in the country’s climate change action, an analysis and evaluation of the barriers and opportunities for the involvement of the private sector in climate co-financing has been carried out, organising participation sessions with the private sector.

The project has also included the development of participation and communication strategies, with which the actions to be carried out for the dissemination of contents and the involvement of relevant actors of the Panamanian society in the process have been defined.

Project details

  • Status: Current

  • Solution: Mitigation

  • Fechas: 10/2020 – 01/2022

  • Location: Panama