We help our clients in the analysis, definition and implementation of strategies and action plans for climate change, renewable energies or sustainability. We have advanced tools for quantification, training and economic valuation aimed at helping energy and climate transition, and to project and interpret future scenarios.

We can help you:

  • Net-Zero

  • Corporate Sustainability

  • Environmental Markets
  • Public Policy


Environmental markets seek to reduce pollution and accelerate the energy transition in an efficient way. Global Factor actively participates in these markets and provides a wide range of solutions. It provides information, knowledge and access not only to the European Union (EU ETS) and United Kingdom (UK ETS) emission allowance markets, but also national and international markets for both guarantees of origin markets and voluntary carbon markets.

We can help you:

  • Emissions trading

  • Guarantees of Origin

  • Offsetting for climate neutrality


Global Factor has developed numerous links with academia and research centers, by taking advantage of the most advanced knowledge to offer technological tools in key areas.

Some of our own tools and applications:

  • CO2 Data

  • Bios model

  • Hydroclim

  • Go CO2 neutral