Global solutions, in areas such as climate change, energy and sustainability.

We address the key challenges of social and economic development, such as climate change, sustainable energy, and the circular economy. We provide solutions through consultancy, technology, and trading in environmental markets.

We are committed to people, with a multidisciplinary and multicultural team. Each member of Global Factor offers you a number of skills and unique experience in their area of specialisation.

Cloud Based Avada Finance


We strive for customer satisfaction

We offer both global and sustainable services.

We help our clients in the analysis, definition and implementation of strategies and action plans for climate change, renewable energies or sustainability.

Environmental markets seek to reduce pollution and accelerate the energy transition in an efficient way. Global Factor actively participates in these markets and provides a wide range of solutions.

Global Factor has developed numerous links with academia and research centers, by taking advantage of the most advanced knowledge to offer technological tools in key areas.


Global Factor actively participates in environmental markets and provides a wide range of solutions.

Environmental markets are effective instruments in the fight against climate change and the pursuit of energy sustainability.


goZero carbon neutrality guide. Towards a zero emissions strategy.

In 2020 we developed the goZero initiative to accompany companies on their path to neutrality, offering both roadmaps and emission reduction strategies.