Azerbaijan and the United Arab Emirates are going to explore the possibilities of using renewable energy sources in the railway sector.

This is reflected in the memorandum of understanding on cooperation in renewable energy sources and energy efficiency signed between Azerbaijan Railways CJSC and the UAE’s Masdar company during a groundbreaking ceremony for the 230 MW Garadagh solar power plant held on March 15.

The memorandum also envisages the implementation of a comprehensive energy efficiency program.

In accordance with the memorandum, the parties will study the potential development of renewable and clean energy projects in Azerbaijan’s railway sector and identify the technical and commercially viable renewable energy projects.

Azerbaijan Railways have implemented a number of measures aimed at increasing the share of green energy in total energy consumption and reducing energy consumption by increasing efficiency.

In this regard, an increase in the share of green energy, reduction of fuel consumption and green financing is identified as strategic priorities within the framework of the 10-year corporate strategy of ADY.

The operation of traction substations built in connection with the transition to alternating current in sections of the East-West and North-South international transport corridors passing through Azerbaijan will reduce electricity consumption by up to 30 percent compared to the existing system.

Moreover, for the purpose of technical inspection and repair of locomotives running on alternating current, 147 solar panels with a capacity of 66 kW, as well as 160 solar heating panels were installed in the newly built Bilajari locomotive depot. In addition, 210 solar panels with a capacity of 66 kW and 140 solar heating panels were installed in the newly built Ganja locomotive depot.

Additionally, within the technical assistance project implemented with the support from the EBRD an analysis was carried out on priority investment plans for electricity management and commercialization, energy efficiency and renewable energy production, as well as on key areas of activity indicated in the “pre-feasibility study for the sale of electricity, renewal and energy efficiency of ADY” report.

A number of reforms have also been implemented to reduce the consumption of electricity, fuel and other energy resources within the framework of the “railway sector development program”, implemented jointly with the ADB.

Source: Azer News