Sustainability for a long time has been a clear objective of the European Union, shaping the future of production and value chains. The transition to a low-carbon and resource-efficient circular economy will require the implementation of new business models, advanced industrial technologies and innovation. This opens up new avenues for companies.

How do companies seize this opportunity? Where to start? How to be ready to adopt these new technologies? What needs to be improved? How do they position themselves? How do they accelerate growth These are the questions that many founders and managers of European small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are asking themselves today. And with the ambition to get answers to these questions STAGE was born.

What is STAGE?

The STAGE project, with the support of the European Commission and the collaboration of Global Factor, will create an ecosystem focused on the transformation of industrial companies into globally leading, agile and green companies. The initiative gathers experts from a wide range of fields, such as manufacturing, process engineering and business modelling, finance and sustainability strategy. STAGE partners with a wide network of sustainability centres work on:

  • Providing innovation and sustainability assessments to thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and helping them create roadmaps with measures to achieve sustainability goals.
  • Training hundreds of sustainability advisors and engaging them in a strong and supportive sustainability transition ecosystem.
  • Provide in-depth industry training to hundreds of selected SMEs to develop their sustainability transition plans (ST plans).
  • Provide financial incentives (vouchers) to SMEs to access tailored advisory services and financial support for the implementation of sustainable transition plans.
  • Facilitate investments for SMEs with the highest potential to become leaders in the European industrial economy.

Who can benefit from STAGE?

Industrial SMEs in Europe can register with any of the STAGE partners and be the first companies to benefit from the offers of the initiative. In addition, all public and private advisors and consultants working in the field of sustainability are encouraged to join the STAGE network.

Who are the STAGE partners?

The STAGE ecosystem was launched in the framework of the European Commission’s Horizon Programme by 14 reputable organisations from 12 countries.

To find out more about STAGE and its progress you can visit or contact us:

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Source: Global Factor

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