Estrategia de compensación de emisiones de carbono Co2

What is emissions offsetting?

Global Factor’s carbon offsetting strategy is based on the acquisition of credits in the voluntary carbon markets according to the needs of our clients. The main objective of this method is to fight climate change and help organisations carry out voluntary offsetting actions. Also known as carbon footprint offsetting, is based on the financing of an environmental project and should not replace but complement the processes of decarbonisation and emission reductions.

How to create a carbon offset strategy?

At Global Factor we offer comprehensive services to help you obtain carbon offset certificates of internationally recognised standards. We promote the climate commitment of our clients in order to control global warming. In order to assist you in this process, we offer the following services:

  • Emission Offset Strategy

  • Studies and benchmarking of offset options at international and local level with recognised standards such as VERRA (VCS), CDM-ECM or Gold Standard at an international level in the different continents, or the OECC registry of the MITECO at a national level.
  • Brokerage service for the acquisition of carbon credits from the different standards:
  1. Carbon neutral organisation, facilities or offices.
  2. Carbon neutral products or services
  3. Carbon neutral events
  • Certification of neutrality under PAS2060
  • Assistance for external verification

Carbon Neutral Strategy

Within our carbon neutralisation services, we offer you several studies and benchmarking, in other words, we offer a specific study on the main competitors of carbon markets at an international and local level. In addition, we assist you in:

  • Identification of emission neutralisation opportunities within the value chain

  • Identification of project financing outside the value chain
  • Brokerage service for the acquisition of carbon credits from carbon removal projects from different standards.
  • Feasibility studies of projects focused on Nature Based Solutions (NBS) in Spain or outside Spain.
  • Elaboration of the Project Development Document (PDD), including scenarios and emission reduction and cost-effectiveness calculations.
  • Assistance with the registration process
  • Support with the implementation of the NBS project and stakeholder relations
  • Monitoring plans and forestry management plans

Mitigating climate change outside the value chain

These refer to actions taken by companies to offset their emissions. They take place outside the value chain and also includes offsetting through the voluntary carbon market. It is also a temporary action that is used as a transitional tool while we reduce our emissions.

Global solutions on climate change

At Global Factor we are specialised in offering global, sustainable and innovative solutions. We provide consultancy services in areas such as energy, climate change, sustainability and trading. In this last area we provide access to the main CO2 markets.

Furthermore, we analyse, define and implement different climate action plans and strategies. To do so, we use advanced tools for capacity building, economic assessment and quantification related to energy and climate transition.

Do you want to establish an emissions offsetting strategy?

If you want to establish a carbon offsetting strategy in your company and you don’t know how to do it, at Global Factor we will personally study your case and offer you the best solutions. Contact us without any commitment.