Germany considering lawsuit against EU taxonomy

Germany’s vice-chancellor Robert Habeck said on Monday (7 January) that Berlin would examine a contentious proposal by the European Commission to include nuclear power and fossil gas in the EU’s sustainable finance taxonomy before considering a potential lawsuit.

The EU’s proposed green investment label for nuclear and gas has attracted scathing criticism, with Austria and Luxembourg saying they would challenge the proposal before the European Court of Justice.

Now, Germany is also considering legal action against the proposal. “We will observe the vote in the European Council, and then we will check whether everything is legally correct and clean,” said Robert Habeck, Germany’s minister for the economy and climate protection, adding that “this is not an announcement or an exclusion.”

“The position of the federal government is that it would not have needed the second delegated act,” Habeck told journalists, referring to the legal form of the proposal, a fast-track procedure whereby EU countries delegate legislative powers to the European Commission.

“We will see what kind of majority will be formed in the Council,” Habeck said during a visit to Paris where he met with with French economy minister Bruno Le Maire and ecological transition minister Barbara Pompili.

“And after that it will be necessary to decide whether the legal examination will lead us to a lawsuit or not,” he added.

Source: Euractiv