Global Factor, a company specialised in sustainability solutions and environmental markets, has made an important step joining the Energy Cluster of the Basque Country, a non-profit association that has been promoting the Basque Country’s energy sector competitiveness since its creation at the end of 1996.

The Basque Country Energy Cluster currently gathers a total of 200 companies and entities covering a wide range of actors in the energy sector. Its members include energy operators, equipment and component manufacturers, engineering companies, service providers, as well as entities belonging to the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network and public agencies of the Basque Government.

The aim of the Basque Country Energy Cluster is to promote the competitiveness of the energy sector in the Basque Country through the active collaboration between its members. This approach is perfectly aligned with the vision of Global Factor, which also seeks to promote sustainability and energy transition in the global market.

In this sense, the vision of the Cluster is to consolidate the global position of the Basque energy sector and of the Association itself as a catalyst for the opportunities offered by the energy transition. This implies not only strengthening the local energy industry, but also contributing to the growth and influence of the region in the global energy context.

Global Factor’s entry into this partnership represents an important milestone in its commitment to sustainability and the promotion of environmental solutions. The collaboration between the company and the Energy Cluster of the Basque Country promises to bring significant benefits, not only for both parties, but also for the energy sector overall.

Source: Global Factor

Global Factor is an international group with 19 years of experience, specialised in offering global, original, and innovative solutions in the fields of climate change adaptation and mitigation, carbon footprint, sustainability, circular economy, renewable energies, climate neutrality and carbon markets. Global Factor has an interdisciplinary team with a presence in 8 countries and has participated in more than 2,000 projects for more than 700 public and private clients, international organisations and non-profit entities in 51 different countries.