Yesterday, on the occasion of World Day Against Climate Change, our Global Factor teams in Bilbao and Madrid stepped out to do their part for the environment.

In Bilbao, we joined forces to clean the riverbanks in Etxebarri, and the results were impressive: nearly 150 kg of waste collected! It’s a clear example of how small efforts can have a significant impact. The clean-up operation was not only about removing waste, but also about raising awareness of the importance of preserving our waterways and protecting the environment.

On the other hand, in Madrid, our team traveled to Torrejón to build ponds that will serve as a habitat for amphibians, making a crucial contribution to preserving biodiversity in the area. Amphibians play a crucial role in maintaining ecological balance, and by creating these habitats, the team in Madrid is actively supporting the preservation of these essential species.

We take pride in having a dedicated team that devotes their time and effort to caring for our planet, both within the workplace and beyond.

Source: Global Factor

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