Guide for the implementation of the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan at a local level launched

Spain aims to become a carbon neutral country, i.e. with zero net greenhouse gas emissions, by 2050, so the Spanish government has developed the National Integrated Energy and Climate Plan (PNIEC) with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality.

The impulse promoted by the PNIEC is characterised by being linked to the territory, in such a way that the implementation of the decarbonisation measures proposed in it offers different opportunities to Local Entities. In this context, the Spanish Federation of Municipalities and Provinces and, specifically, the Spanish Network of Cities for Climate, with the technical assistance of the consulting team of Factor Ideas for change, have developed a guide for the implementation of the PNIEC focused on the local level.

The guide is oriented to Local Entities and how their competences can promote the implementation of many of the measures contemplated in the PNIEC related to sustainable urban mobility, renewable energies, local and distributed electricity production, energy efficiency, waste management, forest sinks or just transition. In some cases, Local Authorities can be directly responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the measures, with actions and, in other cases, they can promote the proactive role of their citizens and environmental education, as well as facilitate the administrative procedures of their respective Local Governments.

Furthermore, there is currently a very favourable financing framework for the adoption of energy transition measures, and the guide therefore includes a section on financing instruments with possible sources of public funding at both European and national level. On the other hand, citizens can also play a key role in the adaptation and implementation of measures that support the energy transition and sustainability objectives. Therefore, their commitment is key to achieving the decarbonisation objectives.

Last 14th September, the PNIEC application guide was presented together with a training, led by the Factor Ideas for change team, to the different Local Governments belonging to the Spanish Cities for Climate Network on how to promote the implementation of the different measures contemplated in the PNIEC at local level.

Access the full document here: GUIA_PNIEC_PNIEC_Print_04082021.pdf (

Source: Global Factor