Maritime Blue Growth (MBG), Maritime Blue Growth is a professional meeting, organised on the basis of a panel of scientific-technical contents that promote the relationship, knowledge and networking between the main companies, institutions and organisms of the international maritime sector that aims to become a maritime event of reference in Europe. The event, in which Global Factor is partner, will open its doors from the 14th to the 16th of November, at the Euskalduna Palace in Bilbao.

MBG is the first international congress directly demanded by the sector and led by the Spanish maritime sector itself. This initiative has arisen from a solid sectoral union, represented by a network of companies and collaborating organisations committed to integrating all the actors in the national maritime sector, with the common objective of addressing the transition towards a blue circular economy.

The maritime sector is going through a period of change in its business model that will mark a new direction in its entire value chain. MBG is set to be an innovative professional meeting, with a focus on scientific-technical content that promotes relationships, knowledge and networking between the main companies, institutions and organisations in the international maritime sector. “It is essential to promote new ways of collaboration in view of the imminent change in the business model and the birth of new value chains. MBG is vital for the maritime sector to meet, coordinate and collaborate as a whole, explains Sergio Alart, director of Maritime Blue Growth. This event has been created by and for the sector and represents the first step to achieve this cross-sector collaboration,” he says.

For three days, MBG will become the epicentre of the maritime sector, bringing together the most influential and visionary players in the international maritime arena to foster discussions and collaboration around the transition to the blue circular economy.


Philippos Philis, President of ECSA (European Community Shipowners’ Association), will lead the official opening of MBG’23, together with leading professionals from the five maritime sectors represented at this first edition of MBG.

After the Aurresku in front of the inaugurators of MBG’23, the ribbon will be cut and the participants will move on to the conference room where the technical sessions of the international congress will begin followed by the inauguration of the first edition of MARITIME BLUE GROWTH.

The effect of technological progress

The event’s programme is structured in three thematic blocks. Under the theme “Towards the Blue Circular Economy: Impact of technological progress”, on the first day, leading experts and leaders in the maritime sector will analyse the situation of the shipbuilding sector (civil, military and offshore wind), maritime transport, fishing, ports and the blue economy in Spain, in the face of the circularity that the unstoppable technological development is causing.

The day will open with the Keynote Conference on Technologies for the Blue Circular Economy, and will continue with a series of sectoral presentations, in which experts from various organisations will address the challenges facing each of their respective sectors.

New business

The second day of the Maritime Blue Growth Congress will focus on the “New business opportunities” that will arise in the Spanish maritime sector, given the effect of technological progress and the new direction towards the blue circular economy.

The opening will be given by Admiral Gonzalo Sanz Alisedo of the Spanish Navy, and then Manuel Maqueda, Director of Bionomia, will open the day with a keynote speech entitled “Blue Circular Revolution: It’s not what you think, it’s how you think”. In the presentation, Maqueda will give guidelines to overcome the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities for innovation towards a blue, circular and regenerative economy.

In the block of sectoral presentations, experts will address specific issues of their respective activities.

The presentations will be followed by a panel discussion in which high-level experts from various fields of the maritime and economic sector will discuss new business opportunities in the European maritime sector in the context of technological progress and the transition to a blue circular economy.

Talent and technology, the role of universities

Maritime Blue Growth will also examine the role of universities as pillars of talent and technology for the shipping and maritime sector. Distinguished academic representatives and experts from various educational institutions and organisations will discuss these issues at a round table.

Future and disruption

The Congress will close on the 16th with a busy programme entitled Future and disruption: beyond the digital transition, which will provide innovative solutions aimed at boosting the circular economy in the maritime sector. It will talk about a project that aims to help clean up the seas and create jobs associated with the new emerging sector of fishing and reuse of marine plastic. It will continue with a series of sectoral presentations featuring leading experts from institutions and companies in the sector.

This will be followed by a special round table on the future of the Spanish maritime sector beyond digitalisation, future regulations and the blue circular economy. The roundtable will bring together leading experts to give a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities that await the maritime industry in Spain.


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Source: Maritime Blue Growth