Global Factor is an international group, specialized in providing original, innovative and global solutions in areas such as climate change, energy and sustainability, trading or internationalization.

At Global Factor we have developed projects in more than 60 countries, for more than 800 clients and participated in transactions in the carbon markets worth €800 million.

Today we are launching a new strategic plan, a plan that we have called More Global, More Factor, with the aim of reaching new horizons and transcending, allowing the development of human activity in harmony with ecosystems.

A strategic plan that consolidates Global Factor as one of the main players in the European market in our three business lines. International climate change consulting, CO2 trading in the European Union, and a new initiative called Offcarbon, with the aim to become one of the major project originator companies in the voluntary carbon markets.

Under solid strategic pillars such as growth and economic return, resilience through geographical and sectorial diversification, impact on employees and the environment, and shared leadership, Global Factor lays the foundations to continue growing and building a better future.

You can find our strategy in the following link: More Global, More Factor.

Source: Global Factor

Global Factor is an international group with 18 years of experience, specialised in offering global, original, and innovative solutions in the fields of climate change adaptation and mitigation, carbon footprint, sustainability, circular economy, renewable energies, climate neutrality and carbon markets. Global Factor has an interdisciplinary team with a presence in 8 countries and has participated in more than 2,000 projects for more than 700 public and private clients, international organisations and non-profit entities in 51 different countries.