The World Bank has launched its report “Squaring the Circle: Policies from Europe’s Circular Economy Transition”, which examines the European Union’s experience in promoting the circular economy.

The aim of the report is to analyse the progress and experience of the European Union (EU) in the implementation of the circular economy in order to identify key actions that can be applied in other countries within and outside Europe. In addition, the report presents a detailed analysis of the progress made on the circular economy in the EU, including existing barriers and possible solutions to overcome them, with the objective of decoupling economic growth from material consumption.

Global Factor and its team, together with the World Bank, was involved in the project “Survey for the Capacity of the Public Sector in Mainstreaming the Circular Economy” in which they carried out a survey and interview research to gather information from different representatives of the private sector regarding the circular economy and stakeholders from non-profit organisations. The aim was to examine the main challenges and achievements for a circular economy transition in the EU, focussing on four Member States. The project identified key challenges for the transition to the circular economy in order to understand better what skills will be required to overcome them.

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