Training course for “Introduction to Sustainable Finance” for the public sector in Brazil.

This week, Global Factor has completed a technical assistance project to design and implement an “Introduction to Sustainable Finance” training course for the Brazilian public sector, specifically for federal government officials. The project has been carried out in collaboration with the Renewable Energy Academy (RENAC); and on behalf of the German development agency (GIZ) within the cooperation programme “Finanças Brasileiras Sustentáveis, (FiBraS)” which has lasted 40 hours of teaching, plus the project study.

The aim of the training course was to help government staff, with or without previous experience in sustainable finance, to acquire the technical knowledge necessary to identify and incorporate sustainable aid into the Brazilian government sector.

The training focused on five key and essential thematic areas:

  1. Introduction to the concepts of sustainable finance.
  2. The concepts of sustainability, ESG criteria that indicate a few factors on the procedure of business activities, and the concept of sustainable finance.
  3. Climate change and its relation to sustainable finance.
  4. Financing and investing in sustainable finance.
  5. he description of the key sectors in which sustainable finance is implemented:
  • Financing of sustainable infrastructures and public procurement.
  • Financing renewable energy projects.
  • Biodiversity finance, nature-based solutions and conservation finance.
  • Fintech solutions for impact.

In addition to the development of high-quality technical training materials, local teachers have also been trained with the aim of equipping them with the knowledge and skills to deliver the course in their schools over several years. At this stage, a full pilot test of the training programme was carried out for local teachers as a practical method of ensuring that these competencies were obtained. In addition, the team of consultants has provided continuous support and provision to the main partner institutions, in particular the Brazilian Public Sector Training Centre “ENAP”, to integrate the competencies of the course into their overall training system.

In the long term, the main outcome of this training course will be to provide hundreds of Brazilian public sector workers (including managers, policy makers, or other civil servants) with the basic notions to better understand the issue of sustainable finance at a time when it is in full swing and evolving exponentially.

At the same time, this project will give government staff the relevant tools and knowledge to be able to incorporate sustainable finance systems into the governmental framework and its various policy areas, with the focus on the promotion and presence of a growing sustainable development in Brazil.

Source: Global Factor

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