It is becoming increasingly important for companies to implement sustainable practices to reduce their environmental footprint and mitigate the negative effects on the environment. In this context, Global Factor has signed an agreement with FVEM to promote actions that allow companies in the sector to develop environmental sustainability and circular economy policies.

Adopting environmental sustainability policies not only benefits the environment, but also the companies themselves. Increasingly, consumers are looking for products and services that are environmentally friendly, which means that companies that adopt sustainable practices can gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. In addition, energy efficiency and waste reduction can lead to significant cost savings in the long run.

Global Factor is an international organisation specialised in the analysis, definition and implementation of policies and action plans in areas such as climate change, renewable energy and sustainability with extensive experience in the industrial sector, which from now on, will attend to the queries of associated companies related to these areas.

In the current context, where sustainability and climate action are imperative, Global Factor provides cutting-edge services to both public and private sector clients, helping them to embrace the Net-Zero vision, to actively and effectively participate in environmental and energy markets and in the formulation of responsible policies that promote the circular economy, sustainable finance, biodiversity and the energy and climate transition.

Source: FVEM