The Minister for Ecological Transition and Energy of the Canary Islands Government, Mariano Hernández Zapata, announced on Tuesday the creation of a Canary Islands Offshore Wind Energy Observatory, whose main objective will be to encourage and promote its development, thus favouring the penetration of renewables on the islands.

The minister stressed that “we are aware of the potential that offshore wind has in our territory to achieve the decarbonisation targets for 2040” and emphasised that with the creation of the Observatory “we are seeking to make the most of it”.

The Observatory, he said, “will bring together all the companies and institutions in the sector with this common goal” and one of its aims will be to guarantee the coexistence and compatibility of the development and expansion of this energy with all the activities already existing in the maritime space and with the environment.

It will also ensure the exemplary development of offshore wind projects, with lines that take into account biodiversity, coexistence and compatibility with maritime-fishing activities and tourism, as well as strengthening the supply chain and detecting and planning training and professional needs.

Among its specific functions will be the promotion of working groups to analyse compatibilities and uses of the maritime space and to create a space for information between administrations and economic sectors on regulatory, normative or planning issues of the maritime space and infrastructures. It will also prepare studies on opportunities, impact and industrial potential in the Canary Islands.

Source: Canarias7