• Deadline: 01/08/2025

  • Localización: España
Experts – EC FWC Lot 1 – BENEF – Sustainable management of natural resources and resilience

La empresa

Nuestro equipo Global Factor es un grupo internacional, especializado en ofrecer soluciones globales, innovadoras y sostenibles en áreas como el cambio climático, la energía, la sostenibilidad, o la intermediación de mercados.

Nuestro principal valor son las personas y disponemos de oficinas en España, Italia, Alemania, México y Ecuador, en las que nuestro equipo interdisciplinar trabaja para agentes públicos y privados, organizaciones internacionales y entidades sin ánimo de lucro.



Ref: EuropeAid/138778/DH/SER/Multi

EC FWC Lot 1 – Sustainable management of natural resources and resilience

Project Description:

Factor – Ideas for change (https://www.wearefactor.com) is an international group, specialized in providing global, innovative and sustainable solutions in areas such as climate change, energy, sustainability, trading and innovation, with more than 1,100 projects to our credit. We have offices in seven countries (Spain, Italy, Germany, Thailand, Mexico, United States and Ecuador), where our interdisciplinary team works for public and private agents, international organizations and non-profit organizations.

Factor has recently been awarded the following EU-funded Framework Contract EuropeAid/138778/DH/SER/Multi (Lot 1) to support and advise the Commission services through technical input and assistance in carrying out analyses, studies, opinions and advice.


We would like to offer an open call for individual consultants who can deliver professional services for short-term or long-term basis for upcoming Sustainable Management of Natural Resources and Resilience Projects. The following are the areas for which professional services will be required:

  • Agriculture
  • Livestock
  • Sustainable Forestry management and conservation
  • Fishery and aquaculture
  • Land management
  • Food security and nutrition
  • Food safety
  • Extension/Training/Human Resources Development/Institutional Development
  • Rural Infrastructure
  • Climate Change
  • Sustainable Natural Resource management
  • Disaster Risk Reduction


Location and Duration of the Assignment:

The location will depend on the country chosen to be the recipient of the EU external aid. The duration will be determined depending on each individual ToR.


Candidates are invited to send their Curriculum Vitae exclusively in CE format to: businessdevelopment@iamfactor.com

The email subject should specifically be entitled as follows: EC FWC LOT 1.

Please note that only pre-selected experts will be contacted. Thank you for your understanding.