• Deadline: 01/08/2023

  • Localización: España
KAM for environmental assets EU

In Global Factor, we inspire change! 💡🌏

Global Factor is an international group, specialised in offering global, innovative and sustainable solutions in areas such as climate change, energy, sustainability, trading and innovation.

Our main value is our people. We have offices in five countries and two continents, where our interdisciplinary team works for public and private agents, international organisations and non-profit organisations.

Our working method is based on offering specialised knowledge, with a profound long-term vision and a global approach. To this end, we have an extensive and growing international network of offices and partners!

Our own track record and experiences are based on constant innovation. This helps us to focus our services, combining academic knowledge, technology and practical experience.

Celebrating 20 years of Sustainable Impact 🎉

This year marks our twentieth anniversary as change catalysts. For two decades, we’ve dedicated ourselves to promoting climate neutrality and resilience, supporting energy and climate transition to ensure a more prosperous, sustainable, and resilient world. We turn ideas into actions and actions into positive impacts.

We’re talent scouting 🔎

If you’re keen on financial markets and you want to contribute to building a more sustainable world, this is your challenge. Global Factor in its Trading area is seeking a KAM for the European Union.

What value will you bring to the team? 🌟

  • We’re looking for individuals committed to long-term projects and passionate about consolidating their professional careers.
  • As an international Key Account Manager for emission rights, you’ll negotiate and close operations, using your interpersonal skills to work with companies immersed in the challenge of climate neutrality.
  • You’ll have an attractive offer of environmental assets to meet their environmental obligations.
  • You’ll be an active agent in the fight against climate change! You must possess excellent communication skills and a strong focus on achieving results.
  • You must also have an enthusiastic attitude, as well as the perseverance and necessary work capacity to achieve objectives.

Must-haves for this role 🔑

  • High/bilingual level in English.
  • Native speaker of another language from the European Union.
  • Interpersonal skills and ability to establish good professional and commercial relationships.
  • Training in Finance, Economics, Business Administration, or similar is valued.
  • Previous work experience, especially in commercial or similar tasks, is valued.

At Global Factor, we’re committed to you 🌱

We offer:

  • Permanent contract.
  • Possibility of private health insurance.
  • Continuous training in your areas of specialization.
  • Are you ready? Improve your English proficiency with free classes.
  • Corporate volunteering program. Be part of the positive change we want to drive in our community.
  • Global Factor Week! Our team gathers from all parts of the world to celebrate and collaborate in a team-building evento.
  • Joining an exceptional team, full of talent, commitment, and passion reflecting our values.

If you seek an environment where your passion for sustainability combines with real opportunities for professional development, this is your chance to be part of the change at Global Factor!


Internal Growth: Part of our Board started with a Scholarship 🚀

We highlight internal growth: A part of our current board started their journey at Global Factor through scholarship programs. We believe in internal development and promotion.


Our Commitment to Equality and Inclusion 🙌

In our mission for a more sustainable future, we value equality and diversity in all its forms. At Global Factor, we encourage an inclusive environment where passion and training combine with your professional growth.